Yourgene® SP150

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Yourgene Health | Yourgene® SP150

The Yourgene® SP150 is optimised for use in Yourgenes clinical NIPT workflows. A liquid handling instrument which interfaces directly with the Atlas Workflow Manager, it is designed to automate DNA extraction and library preparation tasks for up to 48 samples in a single platform.

Yourgene Health | Our Products | Instruments | Yourgene® SP150

The instrument is supplied with a validated NIPT script and, when combined with the Yourgene® QS250, provides a walkaway solution for use in the IONA® Nx NIPT workflow.

Yourgene® SP150

The SP150 automated liquid handler removes the need for repetitive manual pipetting, it reduces variability due to manual sampling errors, improves the accuracy of pipetting and reduces the risk of contamination. It is supplied ready-to-run and supports a streamlined workflow, ensuring greater control and consistency of product quality.


Yourgene Health | Yourgene® SP150

Automating the extraction of cfDNA from plasma and construction of DNA libraries for next generation sequencing downstream applications, frees up qualified staff and delivers true walkaway time in the clinical laboratory.

The Yourgene® SP150 is fully installed and supported by Yourgene Health, and includes a complete training programme.

No. of Samples / Run
16 to 48 samples
Volume Range
0.5 μl to 1000 μl
96 well plates
Usable Tips
50 µL, 200 µL or 1000 µL
<85 dBA
1200 VA
50/60 Hz
130 kg
Size (w x d x H)
145.0 cm x 78.0 cm x 87.0 cm

Please note that a standalone PC is required to run the SP150.


Yourgene® SP150 for NIPT

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