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powered by Ambry Genetics®

RNA genetic testing addresses some of the limitations associated with DNA testing alone.

Use of +RNAinsight® in tandem with DNA testing provides additional data to refine variant classification as well as resolve Variants of Unknown Significance (VUS).

Enhanced Insight

Expanded RNA Analysis enables better variant classification and also identifies deep-intronic mutations which can go undetected in DNA-only testing.

Indications Detected


breast, colorectal, ovarian, uterine, pancreatic, prostate, melanoma, stomach + other cancers

Sample Type(s)

Yourgene Health | the IONA® test | 99% detection rate

Whole Blood (DNA) EDTA tube

Whole Blood (RNA) PAXgene tube

Turnaround Time

14-21 days*

14-21 days from receipt of specimen


  • Up to 91 genes; expanded RNA analysis for better variant classification

  • Simultaneous RNA and DNA genetic testing for more accurate, actionable results

  • Decreases splicing variants of unknown significance (VUS) in real time

  • Increase in diagnostic yield

  • Sequence enrichment of targeted coding exons and adjacent intronic regions by PCR and NGS

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