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Individuals with a personal or family history which is suggestive of hereditary cancer may benefit from CancerNext® genetic testing.

The CancerNext® panel comprises 36 genes associated with increased lifetime risk for at least one of 8 major hereditary cancers such as breast, colorectal, ovarian and uterine among others.

Actionable Pan-Cancer Approach

The panel is comprised of actionable biomarkers, with management guidelines available for most targets.

Indications Detected


breast, colorectal, ovarian, uterine, pancreatic, prostate, melanoma, stomach + other cancers

Sample Type(s)

Yourgene Health | the IONA® test | 99% detection rate

Whole Blood


Turnaround Time

14-21 days

14-21 days from receipt of specimen


  • 36 gene panel

  • Increases detection rate of patients with hereditary cancer by up to 10% compared to smaller gene panels

  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Management Guielines® for most panel content

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) or Sanger Sequencing of all coding domains, plus flanking 5’ and 3’ ends of all introns and untranslated regions

  • Gross deletion/duplication analysis is performed for the covered exons and untranslated regions of all sequenced genes using read-depth from NGS data with confirmatory MPLA and/or chromosomal microarray

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