ThermoFisher Affymetrix

Microarray Services

Affymetrix Axiom™ and GeneChip™ arrays are genotyping panels that offer genetic coverage of rare and common variants for genome-wide disease association studies.

Solutions for targeted and genome-wide applications from SNPs, Indels and copy number variations.

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ThermoFisher GeneChip Genotyping Microarrays

ThermoFisher GeneChip Genotyping Microarrays

ThermoFisher High-Throughput Genotyping Microarrays

ThermoFisher High-Throughput Genotyping Microarrays

Affymetrix Clariom™ and GeneChip™

Affymetrix Clariom™ and GeneChip™ high density arrays each contain millions of copies of DNA oligonucleotide probes that are designed to bind specific sequences of target RNA to measure its relative amount across sample groups. Suitable for whole-transcriptome profiling and for studies of whole-transcriptome–, gene-, exon-, or short noncoding RNA–level profiling.

Illumina® Infinium Microarray Services

The Illumina® Infinium GSA (Global Screening Array) offers optimized global content including:

  • Multi-ethnic genome-wise coverage

  • Clinical research variants

  • QC markers

  • Custom add-on content

Infinium GSA has a range of applications including complex disease genotyping and pharmacogenomics research.

Yourgene Genomic Services can process thousands of samples per week for large population studies.

Illumina® Infinium

The Illumina® Infinium GDA (Global Diversity Array) has been used to genotype and sequence at least one million people. It benefits from updated coverage of clinical research variants that have been shown to be associated with disease and pharmacogenomics and exhibits a wide range of clinical applications. It enables polygenic risk score development and profiling of the genetic make-up of diverse populations.

The Illumina® Infinium EPIC Methylation kit enables customers to explore and quantify over 850,000 methylation sites across the genome, down to single nucleotides.

Yourgene Genomic Services have optimised extraction and workflows for a range of sample types including FFPE material to reduce the cost per sample to its customers. This kit is ideal for epigenome-wide association studies on a range of human tissues.

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