Extraction Services


DNA Extraction

We provide a rapid and affordable DNA extraction service which generates high quality, high yield DNA. Using Nucleon DNA extraction chemistry and other validated procedures (such as Qiagen, PAXgene, MagMax, OMEGA extraction kits) we are able to extract DNA from a broad range of biological matrices including:

  • Nucleon Chemistry
  • RNA/miRNA Extraction

Nucleon Chemistry (High Volume/High Yield for Bio-Banking)

The Nucleon extraction chemistry rapidly and efficiently extracts high yields of pure, high molecular weight DNA. Nucleon is compatible for use with whole blood and other sample types such as tissue and saliva. The DNA is not bound to a solid surface at any point in the process. This avoids exposing the DNA to shearing forces and promotes the recovery of high yields of highly intact DNA.

  • High yield (370-800μg/10mL blood)

  • High purity (A260/A280 > 1.8)

  • High MWt DNA (>50kb)

  • Economical large volume sample extraction

  • Fully scalable (0.3mL to 50mL blood and 5mg to 500mg tissue)

RNA/miRNA Extraction

We have proven experience in RNA/miRNA isolation from a number of different sample types using validated procedures such as TriZol, Qiagen, PAXgene, MagMax, ReliaPrep, Roche, OMEGA extraction kits.

Sample Types Include:

  • Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissue (FFPE)

  • Whole blood (including samples collected into PAXgene/Tempus tubes)

  • Leukocytes collected into LeukoLOCK™ tubes

  • Plasma and sera

  • Saliva

  • Frozen tissue and biopsy material

  • Cultured cells (mammalian and bacterial)

If you have a question or need further information on our capabilities, we're here to help.