Yourgene® QS250

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Yourgene Health | Yourgene® QS250

Powered by Ranger® Technology, the Yourgene® QS250 is optimised for use in Yourgene Health’s clinical NIPT workflows. Enriching fetal fraction through automated size selection of fragment lengths improves outcomes for NIPT patients by reducing both the cost of analysis, and the number of no-call tests.

Yourgene Health | Yourgene® QS250

The Yourgene® QS250, powered by Ranger® Technology, provides automated DNA electrophoresis for target enrichment in Yourgene’s clinical NIPT workflows, IONA®️ Nx NIPT Workflow and Sage™️ 32 NIPT Workflow.

These NIPT solutions apply a quantitative methodology to examine cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in order to measure the relative proportion of chromosomes, for example, chromosome 21, in a patient sample, to assess whether an excess or deficit of chromosomal material is present that is indicative of a fetal aneuploidy.

As cfDNA is comprised of both maternal and placental DNA, enriching fetal fraction through automated size selection of fragment lengths provides more of the DNA fragments we are looking for. This improves outcomes for NIPT patients by reducing the cost of analysis, reducing false positives/negatives and reducing the number of no-call tests due to too low a fetal fraction for analysis. Providing patients with confidence in their results.

Yourgene Health | Yourgene® QS250

Through Yourgene’s chosen library preparation methodology coupled with our QS250 platform and the patented Ranger technology, a relative enrichment of up to two-times the fetal DNA is achievable for our solutions:

Yourgene Health | Yourgene® QS250 |Fetal Fraction Estimations of Maternal cfDNA Samples by Trisomy and X/Y Chromosome Ratios Chart

Comparison of fetal fraction between samples size selected with Ranger®Technology as opposed to those that are processed without size selection shows that Ranger® Technology increases the fetal fraction across a spectrum of naturally-occurring levels.

Yourgene Health | Yourgene® QS250

Yourgene® QS250

The Yourgene® QS250 can integrate with automated robotics to provide a fully automated size selection and quality control workflow. As well the core size selection functionality, the instrument can be used to perform fragment length analysis and fluorescence assays for full NGS library integrity assessment and balancing prior to pooling. Making it a valuable addition to any laboratory.

Additional Information
Allowable Size Range
50 - 500 bp*
Loading Capacity
2 μg
Size Selection Modes
Band Pass
Ranger® Technology enables different ways to define the boundaries of target ranges
Measured as the deviation between the specified target size and the size of the collected fraction
Measured as 2X the standard deviation of the size of replicate samples
Min. Size Distribution as CV
Depends on reagent kit selection
No. of Samples / Run
12 (CGI-Format)
8 (SBS-Format)
Run Time
45 minutes
Final volume influenced by pipetting technique
Extraction Sample Volume
150 μl
Dependent on run conditions, particularly the relationship between the target range and the extraction volume.
Intrinsic Recovery Efficiency
Average >70%
20.5 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)
32.5 cm x 42.4 cm x 38.1 cm

*with 3% agarose gel

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