Yourgene Flex™ Analysis Software

Yourgene Flex Analysis Software

Yourgene Flex™ Analysis Software has been developed to build on the excellent bioinformatics technology and expertise deployed in the IONA® Software.

Yourgene Flex™ is a modular Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis framework harnessing best in class bioinformatics pipelines to offer high quality, robust yet flexible NGS analysis solutions as part of the Yourgene Nx NIPT Workflow. Enabling Yourgene to support research collaborations with key industry players.

Yourgene Flex™ Analysis Software

Yourgene Flex™ Analysis Software is also deployed in-house to support our own internal product development pipeline across the reproductive health and oncology portfolio.

Key Features

    • Flex™ framework contains key software components that read complex sequencing data, filter, analyse and check it rigorously, and generate a bespoke clinical test report that is clear and easy to interpret by a clinician

    • In-house bioinformatics expertise is not required for customers to analyse the sequencing data

    • A unique reconfigurable, medical-grade NGS IVD analysis software framework

    • All code developed within fully validated, risk managed process

    • Modular approach enables re-use of core, validated modules, and also design of completely bespoke routines as needed

    • The modular design of Yourgene Flex™ will enable customers to run multiple different tests in the future on a single platform

    • All elements of the software are developed to internationally recognised standard ISO/IEC 62304 to ensure the highest quality medical grade software, which also supports any future IVD regulatory submissions

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