MagBench® DNA Extraction Solution

Yourgene Health | Yourgene® QS250

Yourgene® MagBench® cfDNA Extraction solution is helping our users maximise their time whilst optimising results for their Sage™ 32 NIPT Workflow.

MagBench® is a simple, fast, cost-efficient, bench-top solution which reduces manual errors, increases efficiency, permits longer walkaway time and improves accuracy thanks to automated cfDNA extraction.

Yourgene Health | Yourgene® QS250

Why Choose MagBench®

A fast run time of  93 minutes ensures samples can quickly be fed into the next step of the NIPT Workflow for significant time savings and a substantial improvement in the laboratory’s operational efficiency:

  • Requiring only 15 minutes hands-on time, the cfDNA extraction solution is optimised to permit true walkaway capability  
  • The intuitive touchscreen user interface is easy to navigate and allows for quick-start of the extraction process 
  • A dedicated, automated extraction programme allows 78 mins walkaway time 

The MagBench® cfDNA Extraction Solution for Sage™ NIPT Workflow

Using MagBench®, the automated extraction process reduces the risk of human error whilst improving the accuracy and consistency of pipetting: 

  • Tips are single-use and disposed of automatically to reduce contamination risk 
  • Automated UV programme ensures the instrument is thoroughly decontaminated to eliminate carry-over risk on subsequent runs 

 This results in a lower failure rate, a reduction in the number of repeats and a reduced redraw rate for the NIPT workflow 

Users have the freedom to choose the level of plexing they desire. The MagBench® cfDNA Extraction Solution permits flexible throughput of 1 – 16 samples, with:


  • No need to batch samples 
  • No waste of consumables on partial runs, thanks to the cfDNA extraction kits pre-aliquotted reagents 

Yourgene® MagBench® cfDNA Extraction Kit

Specially optimised for use with MagBench® cfDNA Extraction Instrument, in a convenient plug-and-play format for extraction of cfDNA from maternal blood samples for Sage™ 32 NIPT Workflow:  

  • All reagents arrive pre-measured, with all tips and consumables required for extraction already included 
  • Kits benefit from 18 months shelf life and can be stored at ambient temperature  
  • Individual packaging of tip sets ensures they are sterile and free from contaminants   
  • Cartridges are pre-sealed with no requirement to manually remove foil seal, thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination or loss of reagents due to accidental spillage 
  • Instrument-automated piercing step maintains reservoirs of reagents until appropriate step of the extraction protocol  
  • Unique cross-notch tip design ensures pipetting of precise volumes and is more accurate than manual pipetting   


    Benchtop footprint 

    • W 523 x D 602 x H 605 (mm) 
    • 70 kg net weight

    System Components 

    • Pipetting Unit: X and Y-axis movement for sample transfer and dispensing 
    • PLC module, HMI and Driver main board embedded in 
    • UV Light: 1,000 hours duration; power 8 w 
    • Heating Block: RT-90°C  
    • Display Screen: 7-inch colour touch panel  

      Power Supply 

      • Voltage: AC 100 V~240 V  
      • Frequency: 50/60 Hz 


      • T-racks  
      • Cartridge racks 
      • Barcode scanner for full traceability 

      Ordering Information

      Product Name
      Yourgene® MagBench® Extraction Instrument
      Yourgene® MagBench® cfDNA Extraction Kit Sage™ 32 Workflow
      Part Code
      Yourgene® MagBench® Extraction Instrument for the isolation of cell-free DNA from human plasma processed from whole blood
      Cell-free DNA Extraction kit for NIPT samples in the Sage™ 32 NIPT workflow. Contains enough for 96 extractions
      Yourgene Health | the IONA® test

      Using the MagBench® cfDNA Extraction Solution for Sage™ NIPT Workflow from Yourgene Health

      In this edition of Your Expert, Yourgene Health interviewed Hanchiang Chin (HC) & You-Hsuan Lin (YHL), two superusers from within our Taipei laboratory on their thoughts and experiences using Yourgene Health’s MagBench® cfDNA Extraction Solution to understand the key benefits of the system when used in combination with Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Workflows.

      Using the MagBench™ cfDNA Extraction Solution for Sage™ NIPT Workflow from Yourgene Health

      * MagBench® is a registered trademark in the UK.

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