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Getting to the DNA you care about in Liquid Biopsy

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Welcome everyone to this on-demand webinar bought to you by Yourgene Health in collaboration with Labcorp. Today you will be hearing about how automated size selection using Ranger® Technology can help you get to the DNA you care about in liquid biopsy, and how Yourgene health’s solutions are helping solve real problems for real scientists working in oncology diagnostics and research.

In a moment I will hand over to Kimberly Holden, research associate from Labcorp, to talk us through their work exploring how automated size selection can be used to gain efficiency and improve quality in liquid biopsy.

Kimberly will introduce to us and explain the concept of circulating tumour DNA, and its importance in early detection and monitoring of cancer. She will then walk us through their study from methods to conclusions. Before this, I would like to give a short introduction to Ranger® Technology from Yourgene Health, which is the key technology used in the Kimberly’s study.

So what is Ranger® Technology, and why is it important in liquid biopsy? Kimberly will certainly take us deep in to this topic, but briefly Ranger® Technology offers industry-leading scalability and precision for the DNA size selection process, ensuring maximal enrichment every time. Core size selection functionality is complemented by the ability to perform fragment length analysis and fluorescence assays, so this is the perfect solution for next-generation sequencing (NGS) quality control applications.

Ranger® Technology has so far been deployed to power multiple solutions across our instrumentation capabilities, with applications from liquid biopsy to bacterial clonality assessment and beyond. So just briefly what are those instrumentation capabilities? The LightBench® is Yourgene’s cornerstone solution, and is already being used by laboratories across the DNA sequencing community. The NIMBUS Select, in partnership with Hamilton Robotics, is the solution of choice for our partners with higher throughput requirements, whilst the Yourgene® QS250 is available exclusively for use in Yourgene’s NIPT workflows.

At Yourgene we’re all about enabling scientific advances to positively impact human health, and that mission translates in to what we’re doing today with Ranger® Technology. We want to help laboratories in all fields and across multiple industries realise the benefits that come with optimising their NGS workflows through automated size selection, enrichment and quantification. We passionately believe in getting the message out there that if you’re working in NGS, this is a problem for your laboratory whether you know it or not! And we have the solution.

And ultimately our vision is to help your laboratory, whatever field you’re in whether it’s liquid biopsy or NIPT or bacterial genomics, accomplish more with less. And that applies in many ways – less capex equipment because our instruments are three-in-one solution. Less time, because our instruments offer true ‘walk away’ automation. Or less DNA, because ultimately you can achieve so much more if you’re only working with the DNA you care about and not wasting resource on sequencing off target fragments.

We have created this webinar with your learning in mind, and as such have introduced chapters and annotations to the recording to allow ease of navigation for a truly on demand experience. If you have any questions, our contact details are shown on the slide, and will also be available at the end of Kim’s talk. Thank you again to the team at Labcorp, and particularly Kimberly, for putting together this presentation for us. We hope you will find this useful, and thank you for your interest in this important work.