16 June 2020 – Collaboration in COVID-19 testing

Yourgene Health plc

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Collaboration in COVID-19 testing
Supporting the effort to get Britain back to work

Manchester, UK – 16 June 2020: Yourgene (AIM: YGEN), a leading international molecular diagnostics group, announces a collaboration agreement with international payments company Caxton and immunity passport app Prova, which once launched will support the efforts to get Britain back to work by testing employees for COVID-19.

The collaboration with Prova and Yourgene will enable Caxton to offer COVID-19 tests to its extensive network of corporate clients and their employees. The immunity passport app Prova, created by London-based Hooha Innovations, enables employees to download and request a COVID-19 test. Once a test sample has been taken and the sample processed, the results will be automatically delivered securely to the Prova app, allowing the user to share and prove their COVID-19 status without revealing any personal information.

Yourgene’s responsibilities will lie in providing the clinical and technical expertise, by providing sample collection kits, training a healthcare professional to take the sample safely and effectively then running the COVID-19 test in its Manchester Citylab facility. The collaboration will use the Company’s Clarigene™ SARS CoV-2 CE-IVD assay when launched and the patient results will be uploaded securely to the Prova app.

As announced on the 26 May 2020, the Company is still on track to release a ‘Research Use Only’ version of Clarigene SARS-CoV-2 test by the end of June 2020 and achieve a CE marked in vitro diagnostic kit to follow in July 2020.

Lyn Rees, CEO of Yourgene, commented: “We are proud to support this effort as the COVID-19 lab partner to this collaboration, working with Caxton and Prova, enabling employees to return to work safely. We look forward to updating the market as the project progresses as we expect to launch in Summer 2020.”

Rupert Lee-Browne, CEO of Caxton comments: “Getting Britain back to work is vital for the economy and we are pleased to be able to offer this unique service of test and verify to Caxton’s business clients. We chose Yourgene because they match our own values around product quality and reputation and we look forward to helping our customers with this easy solution to creating safe work spaces.”

Ed Keohane, CEO of Hooha, creators of the Prova app, comments: “We are delighted to be integrating Yourgene Health’s high-quality COVID-19 tests to automatically deliver results to Caxton’s business customers as part of Back to Work, allowing them to share and prove their COVID-19 health status without revealing any personal information.”

For further information and to register interest to be a corporate partner and offer this premium high quality COVID-19 testing provision for your employees please visit: https://caxtonfx.com/business

For further information on the Prova app please visit: https://provapro.com

This announcement contains inside information for the purposes of Article 7 of EU Regulation 596/2014.

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