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Yourgene Health was first established in 2013 and has grown from a single product UK-based NIPT company to a leading international genomic medicine company with over 100 products and services.

Our name may have evolved but our mission has always remained true.

Our Mission



Our Vision

To be a trusted provider of molecular diagnostics, enabled through our technical expertise, innovation and our global partnerships

Our Growth Story

Have a look below at our strategic growth story over the last ten years.

Yourgene Today

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Yourgene Health is a leading international molecular diagnostics group with an integrated portfolio of technologies and services to enable genomic medicine.

Our mission to enable scientific advances to positively impact human health remains at the core of our focus. It drives and motivates us to develop class leading products and services to meet our customers needs.

Yourgene has a comprehensive offering of non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPT) NGS workflows that have been built with labs in mind, and clinical prenatal screening services. The IONA® test was the pioneer, the first to market as an IVD product, changing the NIPT screening landscape back in 2015.

Continuing to build on our expertise in cell-free DNA, our next generation size selection Ranger® Technology uses machine vision for superior precision. With multiple platforms for a range of clinical and research cfDNA sample preparation applications including NIPT, liquid biopsy, oncology and gene synthesis.

In addition, we offer a portfolio of screening products in reproductive health and precision medicine including assays for cystic fibrosis and DPYD genotyping to prevent chemotoxicity.

Yourgene Health is part of the Novacyt group of companies.

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